Seagoing Safety


Category A

The sailboat is a Jeanneau Sun Oddysey 36.2 which has a Category A rating. This means that it is a very safe boat that can sail the open oceans safely up to a waveheight of 8 meters.

We will never experience a waveheight more than 1 meter so be assured, but the boat has been built to exterme conditions and thus very safe to travel with.

For us and our clients it is good to know that the sailboat can handle any weather situation on the IJsselmeer, for more info see the Catagory A definition:

A recreational craft given design category A is considered to be designed for winds that may exceed wind force 8 (Beaufort scale) and significant wave heights of 4m and above but excluding abnormal conditions such as storm, violent storm, hurricane, tornado and extreme sea conditions or rogue waves.